In a world seeking equality and freedom, the Proof of You (PoY) AI Token system on BioMatrix.ai stands as a beacon of hope. It is designed to build a global ecosystem that protects individual rights and values, offering equitable financial opportunities without central authority interference. As AI techniques transform the workforce, the BioMatrix ecosystem anticipates the need for fair wealth distribution in a future where machines and automation take on more roles, ensuring that the economic benefits of AI are shared by all, contributing to the progress of civilization.

The PoY AI Token system is anchored by the Yourself-ID (YID), an advanced AI-powered identifier that accurately and uniquely confirms personal identities, crucial for authenticating users within the system. This technology not only facilitates equitable Universal Basic Income (UBI) distribution but also unlocks access to numerous decentralized applications, establishing a versatile platform for diverse real-life applications. YID, together with UBI, forms a secure foundation for the PoY AI Token system, enhancing financial stability and promoting collective ownership within the network.

The PoY AI Token system leads a user-centric self-identification process, where individuals confirm their identity through various biometric methods such as facial recognition. This self-engagement in the authentication process ensures that users have control over their identity verification, with AI support to filter out inaccuracies and protect against fake or malicious data. AI in our ecosystem does more than just verification; it continuously learns and adapts, enhancing its capability to safeguard each user’s digital identity in the dynamic landscape of the PoY AI Token system.

The PoY AI Token system is driven by a token-based transaction model, which serves as the engine of the ecosystem. The model introduces an innovative AI token featuring a one-time serial number, adding a layer of security against counterfeiting similar to the unique identifiers in physical currency. The model is supported by the Biocontract, which is a privacy-centric confirmation process that discloses transaction details exclusively to the involved participants. Additionally, the zero-knowledge proof technique is integrated into the system for commitment verification with identification, streamlining certain transaction verifications to off-chain operations. This model ensures the security of transactions and safeguards the privacy of user biometric information.

Lastly, the PoY AI Token system is powered by an advanced hybrid consensus mechanism called Delegated Proof of Credits (DPC), which merges the trust-based principles of credit systems with the energy-efficient Proof of Capacity (PoC) and the temporal accuracy of Proof of History (PoH). Complemented by the hierarchical Greedy Heaviest Observed Subtree (GHOST) protocol for enhanced scalability and security, this algorithm establishes a private, secure, effective and responsive blockchain network. By leveraging unused storage space and providing a verifiable event timeline, DPC facilitates a democratic, environmentally friendly, and secure digital economy, designed to keep pace with the expanding demands of the BioMatrix ecosystem and its participants.

Problems Statements and Proposed Solutions

Most blockchain systems primarily facilitate the transfer of value and execution of smart contracts. Without mechanisms like UBI, these systems may enable a small group of individuals, typically early adopters or those with significant resources to accumulate wealth. This can result in a system where the rich get richer, and those without investable assets or technical knowledge do not benefit from the blockchain and AI’s wealth-generating capabilities.

Proposed Solution

The PoY AI Token system integrates UBI to ensure that the economic benefits of AI and blockchain are shared among all participants, not just a selected few. The system also enables individuals to participate in the economy more actively. With the assurance of a basic income, people can invest in education, small business, or engage in community projects, leading to a more vibrant and diverse economic ecosystem. Furthermore, the inclusion of UBI acts as a social equalizer, bridging the gap between different socio-economic groups and fostering a sense of unity and shared progress. The distribution of UBI stimulates local economies by increasing purchasing power and generating demand for local goods and services. Additionally, the BioMatrix  UBI model is designed to adapt to the changing economic climates, ensuring that it remains relevant and supportive as the needs and circumstances of individuals evolve over time. This dynamic adaptability emphasizes the ambitious commitments of the BioMatrix ecosystem  towards long-term economic stability and individual empowerment. Moreover, the inherent redistributive mechanism of UBI in the BioMatrix ecosystem  ensures the wealth generated by AI benefits every individual equitably, creating a ripple effect of positive socio-economic impact that extends beyond the immediate recipients to the broader community.

Most blockchain systems maintain transparent ledgers, which can compromise privacy because transaction details are exposed to all participants. This transparency is essential for trust and security but can be a vulnerability if personal data is involved, potentially exposing users to unwanted scrutiny and data exploitation. Furthermore, the immutable nature of blockchain means once data is recorded, it cannot be altered or deleted, posing a risk for personal data management and compliance with privacy regulations.

Proposed Solution

The PoY AI Token system is architected with a strong emphasis on privacy, employing a specialized coin-based transaction model coupled with zero-knowledge proof for transaction validation. This method achieves the dual objectives of preserving user privacy and maintaining blockchain integrity. Furthermore, the PoY framework accommodates modifications to the coin database, facilitating personal data management in accordance with global privacy standards. This approach positions BioMatrix as a leader in blockchain and AI innovation, providing strong privacy safeguards as the network grows. The architecture of PoY AI Tokens ensures that the transaction ledger only retains the essential data, which are the collection of the coins, as unspent transaction outputs, that represents the actual value within the network. This implementation includes the essence of the chain operations while adhering to the principles of confidentiality and efficiency. The underlying techniques employed, such as cryptographic commitments and range proofs, enable the ledger to function effectively by validating transactions without revealing any excess information, thus maintaining the integrity with minimal data footprint.

The Blockchain Trilemma refers to the challenge of achieving the ideal balance between decentralization, security, and scalability within a blockchain network—a balance that is often difficult to attain as enhancing one aspect can lead to compromises in the others. This concept is a foundation in the architecture of blockchain technologies, where the dynamics between these critical attributes define the network performance and the user experience.

Proposed Solution

The PoY AI Token system aims to address the Blockchain Trilemma through the integration of an innovative hybrid consensus mechanism that does not sacrifice decentralization for scalability or security, named as Delegated Proof of Credit (DPoC). The DPoC mechanism is inspired by real-world credit systems, mirroring the trust and creditworthiness that facilitate transactions in everyday finance. With this consensus model, BioMatrix offers a flexible solution that effectively balances blockchain principles to deliver a network that is swift, scalable, and robust. In this system, Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) are employed to assign timestamps to transactions, securing the orderliness of transaction processing. This feature is essential for the reliability of the network, allowing it to resist various security threats while ensuring transaction  integrity. The lazy mint concept further streamlines off-chain, real-time processing, executed via the biocontract, thereby significantly boosting the capacity of the network to handle a high volume of transactions efficiently.

In blockchain architectures, managing sensitive data, particularly biometric information, is a complex challenge. The immutable nature of blockchains ensures data integrity and security against tampering. However, this permanence can conflict with privacy requirements and the dynamic nature of personal data governance, necessitating innovative solutions to balance security and flexibility. 

Proposed Solution

The PoY AI Token system resolves this challenge by incorporating encrypted methods specifically for handling biometric data. It employs advanced encryption to protect this sensitive information while employing a privacy-enhanced system design that provides mechanisms for controlled chain updates to ensure compliance with evolving privacy laws and user consent. Thus, the PoY AI Token system effectively safeguards personal biometric data, guaranteeing user privacy without compromising the integrity and adaptability. In this system,  only digested information is ever stored on the blockchain, which ensures that sensitive data remains confidential. Users retain control over their digital footprint with two privacy-preserving options: they can opt for anonymity, disconnecting their bio-code from any transactional visibility, or if transparency is not a concern, they can utilize the unique non-fungible nature of PoY AI Tokens to openly assert their transactional activities and asset ownership.

Blockchain technology, as the foundation for digital trust, streamlines secure and transparent transactions, highlighted by smart contracts that self-execute without intermediaries. However, this property allows anyone to view transactions, posing risks to personal data exposure and presenting obstacles for privacy management. As blockchain adapts to digital and real-world applications, it faces challenges in tokenization, scalability, maintaining security while offering user-friendly interfaces, and protecting user privacy during its rapid development.

Proposed Solution

The PoY AI Token system seamlessly integrates AI and blockchain into digital and real-world applications by employing advanced cryptographic techniques and innovative coin-based model design. It utilizes homomorphic encryption for secure smart contract computations, ensuring data privacy by allowing encrypted data processing without revealing sensitive information. The system also incorporates Multiparty Computation (MPC) for executing private smart contracts and key management, maintaining user privacy. Trustful Execution Environments (TEEs) further enhance security by isolating code execution from external threats. Distinctively, the BioMatrix ecosystem  adopts a unique tokenization approach, where each token is non-fungible and inherently valuable, facilitating direct transferability of smart contracts linked to contract-coins. This system streamlines transactions while maintaining contract integrity. Moreover, PoY AI Tokens introduce a utility-token  concept, directly connecting tokens with real-world assets, bridging the gap between digital and physical world and enhancing the platform’s versatility for various real-world applications like gaming, car rentals, and property leasing.

PoY Unique Features and Designs

BioMatrix.ai is redefining blockchain technology by integrating innovative AI solutions to ensure equitable access to digital assets and financial opportunities. PoY AI Tokens distinguishes the BioMatrix ecosystem through the unique features and designs.

BioMatrix.ai incorporates cutting-edge AI technology into our ecosystem, constantly developing proprietary solutions to improve our offerings. Our app and PoY AI Tokens are intended to use machine learning and AI modeling. This technology is used for facial recognition and personalized token generation, adding strong security for users. Additionally, future AI integrations are being developed, such as personalized recommendations, AI-powered games, and coupons for consumer goods.

BioMatrix.ai uses advanced AI-powered facial recognition algorithms to verify user authenticity through facial scans during login. This security feature ensures the uniqueness of each user account, reducing fraud and protecting each user’s account. Additionally, when a user is logged out of the BioMatrix app, facial recognition is used for returning to the app. We also use facial recognition to automate the PoY AI tokens, in line with our Universal Basic Income mission.

Our team enhanced commercially-available AI-powered facial recognition algorithms with our proprietary technology. These proprietary improvements have increased the facial recognition success from 50% to 80%, making our image processing model more advanced from a computer vision perspective. We will continue to make improvements to these models to enhance user experience.

BioMatrix.ai integrates the latest AI technologies into our ecosystem while developing proprietary technologies to improve our product offerings. Machine learning and AI modeling are central to the development of our app and PoY AI Tokens. AI is utilized to generate facial recognition scans, ensuring an additional layer of security for our users when generating tokens. Additionally, we are currently exploring future AI integrations into our product offerings such as personalized recommendations, AI-generated games and coupons for consumer goods.

PoY AI Tokens are  a pioneering blockchain ecosystem that supports Universal Basic Income, promoting a fair distribution of wealth. By assuring a basic income for all participants, where users self-generate coins through their biometric data and earn a monthly allocation of coins over a 60 year issuance period. The BioMatrix ecosystem fosters a more inclusive digital economy where everyone has the opportunity to be involved now with potential financial benefits in the future.

Leveraging AI-powered biometric technology, Yourself-ID (YID) ensures that each user’s identity is uniquely recognized and secured within the ecosystem, laying the fundamental features for equitable UBI distribution and robust identity verification.

Addressing the blockchain trilemma, the BioMatrix ecosystem proposes the Delegated Proof of Credits (DPoC) which blends decentralization with high security and scalability, optimizing network performance without compromising on key blockchain attributes.

A distinctive feature of the BioMatrix  ecosystem is the self-generated AI token system, where users generate coins through their biometric data, which aligns with the UBI principle. This unique approach democratizes token creation and distribution, aligning with the system’s core principle of equitable access. 

BioMatrix.ai’s AI models mint personalized PoY AI Tokens using the acquired facial recognition data. Each token has a unique identifier associated with the user’s face, ensuring enhanced security against tokens being overwritten or replaced by another account. This individual token generation system enhances fraud protection by adding bio-signature features into our system. We are exploring utilizing this functionality in applications outside of the BioMatrix ecosystem.

Focused on user privacy, PoY AI Token  integrates an innovative data management system that includes advanced encryption of biometric data, ensuring sensitive information is handled with utmost confidentiality and integrity within the blockchain.

The  BioMatrix ecosystem will be able to seamlessly integrate with real-world applications by directly linking tokens to physical assets, enabling a wide range of services and transactions in fields such as gaming, transportation, and real estate.

The PoY AI Token system employs homomorphic encryption with Multiparty Computation (MPC) within a coin-based transaction model design, ensuring private smart contracts and transactional privacy. This streamlined approach reduces computational load, boosts transaction speed, shrinks the chain size, and maintains the integrity and security of the digital currency.

PoY AI Tokens employ Trustful Execution Environments (TEEs) to ensure fairness in transaction processing. By providing a secure, isolated execution space, TEEs deliver precise timestamps, preserve the sequence of transactions, and support real-time, offline transaction processing with equitable consistency.

The BioMatrix  ecosystem employs contract-tokens for smart contract management, utility-coins for real-world asset tokenization and payment-tokens  for chain operation. This dynamic token  strategy ensures secure, precise transactions across digital and physical domains. It provides a versatile framework for diverse economic activities within the system.


BioMatrix’s AI token is named PoY (Proof of You), and its most extraordinary charm is its uniqueness. Each token is generated from the user’s BioID (Biological Identity), allowing users to mint their own tokens, which are irreplaceable and truly achieve decentralization. 

PoY AI Tokens are utility tokens used for UBI (Universal Basic Income) distribution. With the assurance of a basic income, people can invest in small businesses and charities or engage in community projects, leading to a more vibrant and diverse economic ecosystem. Users simply need to complete the Biological Identity authentication driven by AI and ML on the BioMatrix App to receive PoY AI Tokens distributed by the system monthly. More innovatively, BioMatrix will continuously issue PoY AI Tokens to registered users monthly for 60 years, starting from the day they join BioMatrix. We anticipate our system to enable many people to live fully realizing the spirit of UBI.

Moreover, BioMatrix is built on its own developed Layer 1 blockchain called PoY Chain, ensuring the speed, security, and low cost of using PoY AI Tokens. PoY Chain is a pioneering blockchain ecosystem that supports UBI and promotes fair wealth distribution by assuring a basic income for all participants, where users self-generate coins through their biometric data. PoY AI Token fosters a more inclusive digital economy where everyone can be involved. Such advantages perfectly support BioMatrix in creating a cooperative ecosystem that will include gaming, car rentals, housing rentals, retail, and dining, where PoY AI Tokens play a crucial role.

PoY AI Tokens also plays a pivotal governance role within the PoY Chain ecosystem, serving as a key incentive for maintaining network integrity and security. PoY AI Tokens are distributed as a reward to node validators, who are essential contributors to the network. These validators perform critical functions, such as verifying transactions and creating new blocks, ensuring the blockchain operates smoothly and securely. By rewarding validators with PoY AI Tokens, we acknowledge their invaluable contributions and motivate ongoing participation and commitment to the network’s health. This reward mechanism is designed to foster a robust, decentralized, and secure blockchain infrastructure, where validators are incentivized to act in the ecosystem’s best interest.

Launch Date

April 2024


PoY AI Token is a token on PoY Chain, UBI distribution will be done via PoY Chain

Main Address


Max Supply

21 Billion

Circulating Supply at Launch

272,500,000 (Estimated)




BioMatrix Users


A huge amount of the PoY AI Tokens will be allocated to users through UBI distribution.

BioMatrix Reserve


BioMatrix will reserve some of the PoY AI Tokens for the Initial Development Team, Future Investors and any Future Needs of BioMatrix development.


There are five parts of Operations:

  • Marketing
  • Consultancy
  • Agency Partners
  • Ecosystem Partners
  • Referral Program


The total supply of PoY AI Tokens is 21 billion, with no additional issuance. Of these, 80% of the 20 billion is for monthly UBI distributions to users, 20% for supporting internal operations and the BioMatrix Reserve, and 1 billion specifically for rewarding users who successfully register. Thus, 17 billion PoY AI Tokens will belong entirely to the users

BioMatrix has also demonstrated much ingenuity in its UBI distribution scheme. We have divided the target users into four stages: the first stage for the initial 1 million users who successfully pass the BioID registration, the second stage for 10 million users, the third stage for 100 million users, and the final stage for 1 billion users, with registration closing once the count reaches 1 billion. For instance, users in the first stage can receive 100 PoY AI Tokens as a registration reward, 12 PoY AI Tokens per month in the first year. To elaborate, users entering the first stage can obtain a total number of PoY AI Tokens that is eight times what is available in the second stage, the second stage offers five times the amount of the third stage, and the third phase offers double the amount of the fourth stage. Additionally, the total amount of tokens users receive in each stage will halve every four years. BioMatrix uses this UBI distribution mechanism to encourage early adoption and for users to join the BioMatrix ecosystem early and enjoy the exceptional experiences BioMatrix offers its users. Furthermore, this design will effectively control inflation, halving every four years to manage the token’s circulation volume and allow the token’s value to increase steadily.

The unlocking mechanism for PoY AI Tokens is unique and epoch-making. All PoY AI Tokens must be unlocked by users. For example, when a user successfully completes their BioID registration and receives 80 PoY distributed by UBI, the system will then generate the operational and BioMatrix Reserve’s 20% of tokens, which in this case is 20 tokens. This mechanism truly reflects BioMatrix’s user-centric philosophy, firmly distinguishing it from other Web 3.0 projects. It selflessly lets humanity enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge technologies like blockchain and AI.

The figure above shows the number of tokens issued (UBI Distribution) and unlocked (Operations + BioMatrix Reserve) at each stage according to user growth targets, from Year 1 (2024) with 0 users to Year 12 (2035) with 10 billion users, which represents the data for the annual circulating supply. Due to our unique unlocking mechanism, where 80% of the user token volume unlocks 20% of other volumes, the actual circulating supply data will vary depending on the number of actual user growth.

Further Work

The BioMatrix ecosystem is at the forefront of AI and blockchain innovation, continually evolving to meet the needs of its users and the global economy. With its strong focus on equality, privacy, and real-world integration, PoY AI Tokens will lead a new generation of blockchain adoption, offering a decentralized platform that is not only secure and scalable but also deeply committed to the principles of inclusivity and user empowerment. Central to this user empowerment is our commitment to incorporating AI into future products and user engagement strategies.  Currently, we are exploring the development of personalized avatars, AI-generated games, and AI recommendation systems. AI agents are also being considered to meet user expectations. Future AI integrations will include expert guidance for trading or exchanging PoY AI Tokens, AI engines for gaming, and AI bots for customer support to reduce costs and improve user interaction.

In addition to future products, our monetization and marketing strategies will leverage AI technologies to better engage with current and potential users, enhancing user engagement and retention by offering desirable digital products. We will engage our data management strategy through integrating the latest AI technologies to better use data. These data learnings will help BioMatrix better adapt to customer likes and needs. By integrating these advanced AI technologies, BioMatrix.ai aims to continuously improve its ecosystem, providing secure, personalized, and innovative solutions for its users.