Join Biomatrix.ai at Southeast Asia Blockchain Week 2024!

SEABW Southeast Asia Blockchain Week Image

Date: April 22-28, 2024
Location: TRUE ICON HALL, Bangkok, Thailand

It gives us great pleasure to announce that the Biomatrix.ai team will be attending the Southeast Asia Blockchain Week, scheduled for April 22-28, 2024, at the TRUE ICON HALL in Bangkok, Thailand. This premier event, pivotal for the SEA region, aims to fuse Web3 innovations with this dynamic area’s vibrant, rapidly advancing landscape.

Southeast Asia Blockchain Week is celebrated for its in-depth exploration of the Web3 ecosystem, uniting thought leaders, innovators, and aficionados to exchange pivotal insights, trends, and breakthroughs. The forum serves as a nexus for ideation, with discussions encompassing blockchain, DeFi, gaming, NFTs, and the regulatory sphere, positioning it as an indispensable venue for those aspiring to navigate the forefront of the digital domain.

The spotlight event, taking place on April 24-25, is set to feature an illustrious roster of speakers and attendees, including investors, developers, entrepreneurs, and corporate figures, all converging with a shared purpose to propel the Web3 sector forward.

Why Participate?

  • Forge Connections with Industry Vanguard: Establish invaluable links with elite entrepreneurs, developers, and visionaries, discovering new avenues for synergy and uncovering latent business prospects.
  • Absorb Essential Insights: Remain ahead with presentations and panel discussions spanning a spectrum of topics, from the infrastructure of blockchain to the synergies between gaming and AI.
  • Dive Deep into the Web3 Domain: Participate in deliberations on public policy, the embrace of technology by enterprises, and strategies for mainstreaming millions into the Web3 ecosystem.

Biomatrix.ai eagerly anticipates contributing to this significant event. We are available for discussions and keen to engage with press representatives and potential ecosystem partners. Interested parties can reach us at [email protected].

Please visit the Southeast Asia Blockchain Week website for event tickets and further information.

This gathering represents a unique chance to engage with Biomatrix.ai and the expansive Web3 community in Southeast Asia. We are committed to fostering collaborations and sharing knowledge, aiming to steer the future of technology and innovation. We are enthusiastic about the prospects of meeting you in Bangkok and discovering potential ecosystem partners.

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